Virginia’s Health is in Your Hands

It’s natural that we’re going to be
afraid it is going to be disruptive to our lives. Panicking is just going to make it worse. It has been interesting as a
public health professional, just keeping up is really a challenge
because the information changes every day, but that’s good. It means we’re
learning more, we’re adapting to it. We’re putting new measures
in place to respond better. All healthcare providers and
the laboratories in Virginia
are required to report the diseases to public health. COVID-19 primarily is
spread person to person, so initially you have one person
who’s sick, now you have two, then each of those two people can spread
it to another two people and then we map that out so we can see, okay, are the number of people that are
getting sick, is that number increasing? Is it flattening out? Is it decreasing? So we know exactly what’s going on
in our community with the outbreak. This is different from seasonal flu.
It is causing more severe disease. We do not have a vaccine and we don’t
have an antiviral treatment and most people who get sick will have
mild to moderate illness. We’ve learned a lot from understanding
what happened in China and we can use that information to better inform us in
the United States about what we need to be doing and what to expect.
People who are older, the risk increase. They also found that people with certain
health conditions were more at risk and that’s people who had cardiovascular
disease, people who had diabetes, people who had hypertension, they were
more at risk of having poor outcomes. I don’t know how long it will last. I don’t know if there a seasonality to
say will it go away when it gets hot and then come back? We don’t know yet. So right now we have to be humble. It will come to an end, but it’s going to take time and we need
to just all have that resolve to work through this together. You have to take the measures that
we know staying away from others, all of the things that we can do
to prevent respiratory disease, hand washings call, those kinds of
things. We have to do what we know works, but we have to be ready to respond
to whatever happens. Hello! Yes, my love. How are you? If you are living in a family and you
have somebody who is at high risk, it is important for them
to stay away from others. You still need to function. Yes,
it is okay to go grocery shopping. We need to do it in ways where we reduced
interactions with others as much as possible. When you are in your own house, making sure that you
are cleaning thoroughly, people are covering their coughs,
that they’re washing their hands. We need to figure out how to be
creative, how to support each other, how to use common sense measures to
prevent the spread of respiratory illness. We just need to take it one day at a time. This is a new situation. It’s
normal to feel concerned, but the way we can get through this
is to take simple everyday measures of making sure that you stay home. If
you’re sick and away from others. Just pay attention to
trusted accurate sources. Public health sources don’t spread. Rumors and misinformation
don’t cause fear. Support each other. We
need lots of virtual hugs, virtual loves so that we can all get
through this together. Okay. I love you [inaudible].