Curtis A. Prejean, M.D. – Cardiovascular Surgery

I got into medical school here in
Shreveport and was here in the late 70s. Graduated from medical school at LSU in
Shreveport in 1979 stayed here and did my general surgery residency with Dr.
McDonald, Dr. Hamm, some other people that are still working here in
Willis-Knighton these days. Finished my training at LSU and then went on to do
my cardiac surgery at Ohio. I’m very much into Special Forces,
Special Operations in the military and to me it takes an elite team,
an elite special person to do heart surgery. It’s the only specialty
in cardiac in in the world where you actually stop the heart to do the
operation. What I’ve seen since I’ve gotten here in
2009 is that the team spirit for the heart team has been growing and
enthusiasm has been growing so I’m very excited about that. We’re doing
everything we can to promote that team spirit that you would see for LSU
football or for the Saints. We are passionate about our work. We take what we do very, very seriously. We’re looking to advance the art and science
of cardiac surgery in town, in the area, in the community. If we feel that after
looking at the film, after looking at the studies after evaluating the patient that
there’s a less invasive or a better way to treat them with a cardiology
procedure we’re going to recommend that. We’re not just trying to push
surgery all the time. you